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SO UH..people liked this comic

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The SSB4 rooster looks good so far!

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i’m just gonna go ahead and say it… 101 dalmatians is far too many dalmatians

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It’s a fucking duel disc.


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this is the best filmed transformation scene in any werewolf movie and if you think otherwise i’ll sock you in the jaw

Hold up

Sit down

Abe gonna tell a story

This scene is not only icon it is HISTORY MAKING in film. This is the FIRST werewolf film to show not only a transformation as being a painful experience as opposed the the casual shift of previous werewolf films- it was also the very first to film a transformation sequence in full lighting. 

Rick Baker is the mastermind behind this scene, The mechanisms for the transformations were so complex it took Mr. Baker upwards of 4 months to simply work out the facial transformations. For a shot less than a few seconds long. 

This few seconds of footage took 6 days to film- including upwards of 10 hours of makeup and prosthetic application onto actor David Naughton, five hours of set work and three hours to remove the make up and prosthetics. For this reason, they could only set up once a day to film, Rick Baker estimated only about a half hour of actual filming took place in those days. 

BECAUSE OF THIS FILM MAKEUP AND INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY WERE RECOGNIZED BY THE ACADEMY AWARDS. Rick Baker was the first person to receive and award for his makeup on the film. This meant that not only were actors and directors getting recognized for their achievements, but now makeup artists and the like were getting attention as well. 

I could go on and on but I believe I made my point. 

I you do not think this is a groundbreaking scene in cinema history you can punch sand

[An American Werewolf in London, 1981]

I like it when this kind of stuff gets written on my gif sets :D 


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Never thought I’d live to see Japanese dubbed Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

The best anime

oh my GOD Jimmys voice

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to make friends